What is this about?

The biggest problem with information today isn’t scarcity: it’s how to understand it. People can’t understand large blocks of data by themselves.

That’s why the ability to filter and transform that data into a visualization for your audience will be an essential skill for the future.

But automatically generating a chart through Excel isn’t enough: a badly designed data visualization can confuse people more than just a block of data. We need to think about how to incorporate well-structured and good design principles.

That’s where Data Aware Design comes into play. Rochelle King coins Data-Aware Design to describe a perfect blend between UX Design and Data.

At this level, design thinking is applied to the planning, data collection process, and visualization process to create compelling Data Visualizations that spark action.

And it’s a viewpoint that I’m uniquely qualified to talk about. I’m a UX Designer of nearly a decade and the author of Data Persuasion, a UX-centric journey to learn Data Visualization. That journey took me through the fields of Data Science, Journalism, Psychology, and UX.

What you’ll get

Each week, I’ll send out either free or paid articles that cover the process of learning Data Visualization, how to create Visualizations with great UX, and how to learn some of the most popular Data Science and Visualization tools.

Paid subscribers will also get access to bonus materials, such as visualization sketches, outlines of my data viz process, chapters of a new book, or even infographics or visualizations for personal projects.

So join me on this journey to understand the perfect blend of Data and Design, compelling Data Visualizations.